Mary Jane Wellness Clinic – Tampa, Florida

Frequently asked questions

Our most-asked questions regarding medical marijuana card in the state of Florida. We'll keep adding to this list as more questions roll-in.

There are many conditions that may qualify you to receive medical marijuana. Please view this list on our Qualifying Conditions page.

Unfortunately, patients pay with cash or card.
If you tell us your medical conditions under Oath, then medical records are not required. You will fill out a comprehensive medical history chart for our office, and sign and affidavit, which places you under oath.
A denial means there was an error in your paperwork. Don’t worry! Our patient care coordinator will assist you.

Immediately after approval from Physician.

Cannabis Information

Some Useful Information About Medical Cannabis You May Not Know About!

CBD Non-PsycoActive Options

The compound in CBD is non-psychoactive (meaning it does not produce the “high” associated with Cannabis use), making it a safe and effective option.

Using Medical Cannabis

Although smoking is thought to be the most common form of ingestion, medical Cannabis products are available as soft gels, ingestible oil, inhaler, gummies/hard candies and dried flower.

Understanding Strains

Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa are the two main varieties of the Cannabis plant however there are many original landrace genetics from both varieties.