Medical Marijuana Services

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New Patient Services

All new card members must be certified by a medical professional before acceptance. (See Below)

Medical Marijuana Card


Medical Marijuana Card
with Friend or Spouse


Renewal Services



with Friend or Spouse


Qualifying Conditions

Pre-requisite Conditions to be able to receive a Medical Marijuana Card.

Recertification – Book with a Friend or Spouse




New Patient – Medical Marijuana Card with Friend or Spouse


New Patient – Medical Marijuana Card

If you have any of the above listed conditions,

Next Steps..


Book Your Appointment

Register and schedule a new appointment with our certified cannabis doctor on staff. 


Talk with an MJWC Doctor

Meet with one of our highly skilled cannabis physicians who will review your conditions, provide a physical exam, and discuss certification.


Receive a Medical Marijuana Card

Await your approval of your medical Marijuana card after the $75 dollar state fee is paid. Actual card can take 2-3 weeks.